Read his piece below. These ladies are jealous of Mercy Johnson, Yvonne Okoro and one of my female relatives in the village. Na today real Black women don dey get Big Yansh? Now, this is the humour when it comes to Nigerian and perhaps African women. When God made the African woman, he might have taken an extra rib from Adam to bless the African women in most parts of the continent. That is why South African women have…. It was the unbridled butt shaking of his dancing girls which tormented my poor, young innocent soul for years. And the Kim Ks and Nikki Minajs are there to help you out, if you have any doubts.

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Oblivious to this, Yoruba boys are not as evil as most people have painted them to be. They are just good looking guys from a well cultured part of Nigeria. But the populace as a whole does not give Yoruba boys much choice when it comes to their heart-breaking moves. Ladies seem to be all over them and do not give them the chance to miss other ladies who sashayed out of their lives. Lol, do not shoot me.

Oct 20,  · The targets are called maghas — scammer slang from a Yoruba word meaning fool, In a dating scam, for instance, the fraudsters send pictures taken from modeling websites.

Cancel I bet everyone wants to know what I believe a Non-African woman should know before dating an African men. Okay before I begin let me just say: Am I saying all African men are the same? Am I saying majority of them have mommy issues? Dealing with an African men takes lots of patience, the only reason why we, African women have an easier time handling them is only because we are surrounded by them constantly and grew up around them, I know they can be frustrating at times.

God has blessed and created the most beautiful, handsome, manly men in Africa. One can not stop what the heart likes. So the men drink it right up! Have at least a case in your house, if your man drinks alcohol and comes to your place and sees you have some, he will be a happy man. A Nigerian man loves with his belly amongst other things.


Hmnn ……Obasanjo has spoken with uni dimensional vision! What of his own record? OBJ Are you now sorry that you fought so hard to keep Nigeria as one. Ojukwu saw what you are seeing now nearly 50 years ago. You and your cohorts then thwarted it.

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Today, there are 60 million Yoruba on the African continent and in the New World. Yoruba is a name that encompasses numerous pre-colonial groups, all of which spoke various dialects of the same language, some almost unintelligble to one another, and shared common cultural and social practices. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica , the Yoruba were pre-colonially urbanized at levels unparalleled by other Africans.

Yoruba are also famous for their prized bronze and terracotta figures, dating back 1, years. Many African-Americans re-connect with their African ancestry through Yoruba culture. American popular culture also looks to Yoruba aesthetics for inspiration.

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Ifreke Inyang Dear Friend, Greetings. I hear you have found a lovely woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Before you go ahead, however, please permit me to say a few things concerning marrying an Igbo woman. I know unsolicited advice is as unwanted as armpit boils, but do spare me a second or two; this is important. Now, take note of the following, dear friend: Prepare to be stared down eyeball to eyeball in an argument.

The Yoruba Diaspora consists of two main groupings, one of them includes relatively recent migrants, the majority of which moved to the United States and the United Kingdom after major economic changes in the s; the other is a much older population dating back to the Atlantic slave trade.

A Byzantine fresco of Saint Mercurius a Christian victim of the Decian persecution , dated , from Ohrid , Macedonia In January , Decius is said to have issued one of the most remarkable Roman imperial edicts. From the numerous surviving texts from Egypt, recording the act of sacrifice, it appears that the edict itself was fairly clear: When they sacrificed they would obtain a certificate libellus recording the fact that they had complied with the order.

Potter, Decius did not try to impose the superiority of the Roman pantheon over any other gods. It is very probable that the edict was an attempt to legitimize his position and to respond to a general unease provoked by the passing of the Roman millennium. The sacrifice was “on behalf of” Latin pro the Emperor, not to the Emperor, since a living Emperor was not considered divine.

Certificates were issued to those who satisfied the commissioners during the persecution of Christians under Decius. Forty-six such certificates have been published, all dating from , four of them from Oxyrhynchus. This outbreak is referred to as the “Plague of Cyprian ” the bishop of Carthage , where both the plague and the persecution of Christians were especially severe.

Cyprian’s biographer Pontius gave a vivid picture of the demoralizing effects of the plague[ citation needed ] and Cyprian moralized the event in his essay De mortalitate. In Carthage, the “Decian persecution”, unleashed at the onset of the plague, sought out Christian scapegoats.

Why You Should Consider Dating A Yoruba Guy Ahead Of Other Tribes

Yoruba Girl on Tinder: I needed inspiration to write so naturally, I set up a Tinder account in search of bants. It pulls information from your Facebook account to make a profile, and it uses your location to recommend singles in your area. You can also set how far or near you want the search radius to be. This could be handy if you want to outsource your Yoruba demonhood put like 50 kilometres or if you need a cuddy buddy nearby max kilometres.

Alternatively, if you like what you see, you swipe right or tap the green heart and wait for the person to respond.

Dating a yoruba man – Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who’ve tried and failed to find the right man offline, mutual relations can provide. Join the leader in .

When Texas Girl meets Yoruba Swag! A romantic tale of two graduates from two different parts of the world, who fall in love unexpectedly. And even though time and distance proved to be a distracting barrier, the two reunited, holding onto the sweet connection they had on their first date. Their wedding will be planned by Shade of A Conceal Affair.

They were both in graduate school and as luck would have it one night they both attended a student social event on campus with their friends. After many texts message exchanges and phone conversations Kim agreed to go on a date with Niyi for dinner at his favorite College Station, Texas restaurant Cheddars. It was during this date that the couple both felt a strong chemistry that neither one of them had experienced before.

Kim even felt a strong presence from God letting her know that this was the man he created just for her. Months quickly became years and before you knew it they were both heading off to different cities to pursue career opportunities in

When Texas Girl meets Yoruba Swag! Kimberly & Niyi’s Romantic Pre-Wedding Shoot

Nothing, not even a hint of a breeze stirs the thick mid-afternoon air. We are being taken on a tour of the grounds of the palace of the Ooni, or monarch, of the Ile-Ife kingdom. King Ojaja II, the 51st monarch of this kingdom, is not at home. His assistant tells us he has gone to the mosque for prayers. He later goes on to explain that while the Ooni is Christian, as ruler of a people of diverse faiths, he takes an active role in all their religions.

On a new episode of “Moni Talks”, Moni discusses with a group of friends whether dating in Lagos is possible or not.

Definition[ edit ] Much of modern African philosophy has been concerned with defining the ethnophilosophical parameters of African philosophy and identifying what differentiates it from other philosophical traditions. Gade argues that the ethnophilosophical approach to African philosophy as a static group property is highly problematic. His research on ubuntu presents an alternative collective discourse on African philosophy “collective” in the sense that it does not focus on any individual in particular that takes differences, historical developments, and social contexts seriously.

The Nigerian philosopher Uzodinma Nwala, prior to his employment to teach at UNN, said that there was no African philosophy available as a course of study in universities. Nothing like African philosophy existed anywhere. In fact, many years after the introduction of the courses, there still remained arguments among experts, whether there was really African Philosophy”. Nigerian born Philosopher K.

Dating While Yoruba – Small Batch Ep 1